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Avengers: Endgame Vision isn’t actually dead

Avengers: Endgame Vision isn’t actually dead. A theory, posted on Reddit by user wheresthetrigger123, believes that Vision may still be alive. Check out his theory how vision would be alive:

When Vision dies through Wanda’s hands, we saw him shatter into red pieces of himself but when Thanos rewinds time with help of time stone and grabs the stone on his head, he grayed out almost like this time he was able to transfer his mind to the mind stone and maybe he had an influence on what actually happened to the dusted characters.

Thanos thinks he had killed half of all life but Vision might have put them somewhere else …

So essentially, Vision isn’t dead and might have some role in the future in bringing back all the lost heroes. Doesn’t seem too doubtfull considering how Avengers: Age of Ultron was all about the creation of Vision and the power he wielded as one of the most lethal and ‘righteous’ heroes of the group.

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