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Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth

After finishing as 2nd runner-up of Bigg Boss 12 Sreesanth said: “I came to survive Bigg Boss 12 but ruled it”. his aggression, threats of quitting the show and emotional breakdown made Sreesanth the most talked about the contestant in Bigg Boss 12.

While many people felt that Sreesanth deserved to win Bigg Boss 12, it was his sister Dipika Kakar who bagged the trophy. While Deepak Thakur chooses to step out of the house with Rs 20 lakh. Whereas Romil Chaudhary and Karanvir Bohra ended their journey in the fourth and fifth place.

Sreesanth told the media that, “I am really joyful for my sister Dipika. She is her sister and so it’s special that the trophy came home. Also, I got to lift the trophy first. During the show, Romil had said that he will not even let me smell the trophy. But I did, and it smelled really good. For some reason, I feel good. So no complaints.”

Sreesanth had recently commented in the show how he feels Dipika, who is a Colors face, would eventually win the show. When the media asked him about the statement, he smiled to say, “That was an insane statement I made And Dipika got angry with me. But see, it turned into reality. I really feel everyone deserve to win the show. It’s only that at the end of the day, she played fantastically and everyone helped her become the winner.”

To calm the feelings of Sreesanth’s fanbase, his wife Bhuvneshwari tweeted.

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