The Emiway-Raftaar Diss War: Here’s The Story So Far

The Emiway-Raftaar Diss War: Here’s The Story So Far. Rap battles go, the one between Indian rappers “Emiway Bantai” and “Raftaar” and it has been most entertaining. There’s been much back-and-forth between the two since Emiway dropped a diss track (with a music video) called ‘Samajh Mein Aaya Kya’, and then Raftaar responded with a response video of his own called ‘Sheikh Chilli’. Leading into Emiway responding to Raftaar’s response with ‘Giraftaar’.

It all started when Raftaar did an interview with Raaj Jones. In this interview, Raftaar spoke about issues and shared a lot of his experiences. One particular subject that he touched on was the matter that a lot of artists don’t get paid according to the value that they are present. He went on to say that talented artists are struggling to make an impact in the larger industry due to various reasons – and some of these faults lie on the major labels. In this particular conversation, Raftaar went on to provide an example using Emiway.

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